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Echols Plumbing Services

Plumbing in Okeechobee, Belle Glade, Clewiston, Moore Haven

Echols Plumbing & Air Conditioning provides a variety of plumbing services to residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout Okeechobee, Belle Glade, Moore Haven and Clewiston. Our plumbing services include plumbing repairs, plumbing installation, maintenance and a variety of other related services. 



We can re-pipe your mobile home in one day with Pex Pipe. We specialize in residential and commercial re-pipe jobs.



      Water Heater


Using the highest quality A.O. Smith Heaters in the industry we will have the hot water running within a few hours of your call. Don’t need a replacement water heater? Just an element or thermostat need replacing? Don’t worry we carry heating elements and thermostats just in case!


From clogged sinks to toilets we have fast and friendly service when you need us the most.



          Backflow Prevention


Annual backflow prevention recertification.

      Lift Stations

Whether you have a backup or a bad pump, give us a call and we will take care of all your lift station needs. We also do lift station installation.


      Faucets and Fixtures


With our quality Kohler and American Standard fixtures you can rest assure they will operate properly for years to come. We also install owner provided fixtures.

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 20 Gallon Bradford White Electric Water Heater

Fully Automatic Controls—Fast acting surface-mount thermostat with high limit energy cut-off (manual reset) for safety

Low Restrictive Brass Drain Valve—Durable tamper proof design.

Direct Heat Transfer with Immersed Elements—Transfers heat directly and efficiently to the water.

Factory-Installed Hydrojet® Total Performance System—Sediment reducing device that also increases first hour delivery of hot water while minimizing temperature build-up in tank.

Vitraglas® Lining—An exclusively engineered enamel formula that provide superior tank protection from the highly corrosive effects of hot water. This formula (Vitraglas®) is fused to the steel surface by firing at a temperature of over 1600°F (871°C).

Insulation System—Non-CFC foam covers the sides and top of the tank, reducing heat loss. This results in less energy consumption, improved efficiencies, and jacket rigidity. Blanketed models additionally use a supplied flexible fiberglass insulation blanket.

Water Connections— 3⁄4" (19mm) NPT factory-installed true dielectric fittings extend water heater life and simplify water line connections.

Factory-Installed Heat Traps —Design incorporates a flexible disk that reduces heat loss in piping and eliminates the potential for noise generation.

Protective Anode Rod—Provides added protection against corrosion for long-term, trouble-free service.

T&P Relief Valve—Installed

Prices for installation starting from $900.00

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Maintenance Plans & Extended Warranty Available

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